Any surgery, even plastic surgery, is invasive and your ability to recover and heal will depend in part on how well you prepare ahead of time. You should begin to prepare for plastic surgery procedures as soon as 3 weeks before your scheduled surgery, and the sooner you start, the faster your body will heal. Many people mistakenly assume that because it is elective surgery that you will not need any help or need to prepare in any way. It will be up to you to clear this misunderstanding up with family and work beforehand and keep in mind for yourself that the body will need time to heal.

Ensuring You Are Healthy before Your Plastic Surgery Procedures

The doctor will make sure that you are generally healthy before your procedure and this is an important part of the process you should not try to skip. It is important not only to make sure your body can handle the stress of surgery, but also to make sure that plastic surgery procedures can heal clean and quickly for the maximum benefit.

In addition to tests ordered by the doctor, you will also want to make sure that you do not smoke or drink before surgery. If you smoke, you will want to quit several weeks in advance of the procedure. Smoking and drinking can both affect the healing process, and drinking prior to surgery can affect your immune system making you more prone to infection. Make sure that if you take medications that you let the doctor know, he can tell you which medications might cause a problem.

Two Weeks before Plastic Surgery Procedures

​It is essential that you eat a balanced diet at this point and if the doctor suggests any supplements make sure you take those as well. These vitamins can help to speed healing and minimize any bruising you might have. Important nutrients to make sure you are getting enough of include vitamin A, C, and zinc, copper and selenium, these vitamins and minerals will aid in wound healing and help to build the immune system. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, and protein.

Immediately Prior to Surgery

​Make sure to plan for the level of surgery you will be having, tummy tucks for instance may require you prepare your home in advance, by having extra food and other items in the house. Ask family and friends to help out and to check on you if you live alone. Make sure you get adequate sleep, and finally follow the doctor’s pre-op instructions carefully.