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Prosper Healthcare LendingLooking your best is a desire for both women and men regardless of their backgrounds, interests and professions. Dr. Sonny O is committed to helping you look and feel your best and that’s why we can offer you the most advanced plastic surgery at prices that are affordable.

Costs of services depends on which plastic surgery procedures you contemplate having done, but we think you’ll find our fees to be extremely competitive in the marketplace. We build value in our services and the expertise of Dr. Sonny O. Our promise to you: To Deliver World Class Service and Results at a fraction of the cost! We encourage you to do your research and would be more than happy to discuss individual plastic surgery procedure pricing when you come in for your complimentary, no obligation consultation. 843-388-4939.

Ask us about plastic surgery financing options too. Affordable monthly payments that fit any budget!

Why We Care About Your Plastic Surgery

For many looking your best is Priceless! Our mission is always to help you get the look you deserve at a price that you can afford. We work with you to determine your new look without breaking the bank.

Our History in Charleston

Over the past 14 years, Dr. Sonny O continues to refine and perfect his technique. New innovative technology comes out on the market every day, and as the leader in plastic surgery, Dr. O evaluates each option to find better, longer-lasting treatments. One procedure doesn’t fit all and with our unique approach, a customized treatment plan will deliver results that fit your needs and goals.

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Our practice is monitoring the Coronavirus situation closely and is taking all necessary precautions to protect our patients and staff. We will continue to care for our patients throughout the crisis and are strictly adhering to the guidelines set by the CDC. To schedule a virtual consultation, please call our office at: 843.388.4939.

Together we will focus on remaining healthy!

Thank you!
Dr. Sonny O