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Neck Lift

Aging of the face and neck begins in our mid 30’s, followed by mild aging in our mid 40’s, moderate aging in our mid 50’s, and advanced aging in our mid 60’s. The neck is often the first place we notice an aged look due to loose skin and wrinkles. Fortunately, Dr. Sonny O can restore a youthful neckline and rejuvenate your appearance by performing a neck lift in Charleston, SC.

Dr. Sonny O has years of experience improving signs of aging in the jawline and neck of many women through the use of a neck lift.

Dr. O’s Necklift, Facelift, Mini Necklift Procedure addresses those moderate and advanced aging signs by:

  • Redefining Neck and Jowl Line
  • Helping remove turkey gobblers
  • Refreshing your Look to Help you Look the Way you FEEL*

“Dr. Sonny O provided me with a very natural looking neck lift”

Dr. Sonny O provided me with a very natural looking neck lift. I could not be happier with the results. Dr. O is very caring and wants the best for his patients. He and his staff provided excellent after care. I would recommend Dr. O to anyone considering a cosmetic procedure. Sharon Deroche

Is a neck lift or mini neck lift right for you?

Neck LiftA neck lift can be ideal for those who wish to reduce wrinkling of their neck skin and/or address a symptom commonly known as turkey neck (excess, hanging skin on the neck). The neck lift surgery itself, follows some of the same fundamentals as a facelift by tightening any loose skin and reducing fat in certain areas.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

Every neck lift performed by Dr. Sonny O is patient-tailored, so the price of your neck surgery will depend on your unique anatomy and aesthetic goals. The costs associated with your neck lift will be reviewed with you after Dr. Sonny O has determined the best surgical approach for your needs.

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