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Facelift Revision
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Facelift RevisionA facelift done elsewhere that is not perfection is a constant source of discontent. There are solutions, and we can help. At Dr. Sonny O Plastic Surgery, we can provide a Facelift Revision to correct your original facelift results.

Dr. Sonny O is Charleston’s leader in giving women a refreshed look that does not diminish their original, natural beauty – but rather lifts that beauty up. In this way, your face remains yours.

“I am 68, in good health and pleased with the results”

I recently had a neck lift. I am 68, in good health and pleased with the results. It’s fun to pull my hair up and wear v necks! Anonymous Patient

Who is a candidate for facelift revision?

You are eligible for a facelift revision is you have had a face lift in the past, but time and gravity have taken over and lessened the effects of that lift or the results were not acceptable.

What is facelift revision like?

The details of each patient’s revision facelift procedure are unique, since they are tailored to address each patient’s specific issues. Generally, anesthesia will be administered, followed by creation of incisions. When at all possible, the original facelift incisions will be utilized.

After this, the tissues of the face will be carefully adjusted to create a naturally youthful and rejuvenated appearance. Any issues created by the original facelift will be addressed.

Facelift revision recovery

After a secondary facelift procedure, patients must follow Dr. O’s recovery directions as closely as possible. This helps to ensure high-quality results and a minimized chance of complications.

Patients must keep their head elevated after the surgery in order to reduce facial swelling. Bruising may also be present and can be addressed with a cold compress. When patients are experiencing any post-surgical pain or discomfort, they can take pain-control medication as directed.

Patients will also need to take time off from their job to rest and heal. Avoiding any physically taxing activities will be vital, especially sports, since these can result in unintended trauma to the area.

Facelift revision cost

The cost of your facelift revision surgery will depend on a variety of factors. The exact techniques required can affect the total price, as can anesthesia fees and the total time needed to perform the revision facelift procedure.

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