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Thread Lifts

Threadlifts – Nonsurgical Face Lift Instalift

Dr. Sonny O Plastic Surgery recommends the new advancement, InstaLift, to address facial skin laxity—such as jowls and drooping cheeks. Used alone or in conjunction with the Timeless Glow or Timeless Lift, the InstaLift restores firmness to the skin. While only facial surgery can truly remove loose skin, this new type of procedure called the thread lift or InstaLift fills in the gap between noninvasive facial rejuvenation, such as injectables and laser, and facelift surgery.

The thread lift uses temporary sutures to produce a subtle but visible “lift” in the skin. Dr. Sonny O’s InstaLift Thread Lift instantly pulls the skin back slightly to lift and tighten the face. Threads provoke the body’s “healing response” by directing large surges of collagen to treated areas.


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Why is the InstaLift’s collagen surge response so important?

Collagen helps support “growth factors” that affect the skin’s appearance. As we get older, our bodies produce less collagen. The average 70-year old experiences an 80% reduction in skin thickness. This loss of volume and strength leads to excess skin and wrinkles. Gravity pulls the weaker skin downwards, appearing sunken or saggy. The InstaLift Thread Lift Infuses facial skin with fresh collagen both reducing looseness and preventing further sinking and sagging of the facial area.

Dr. O’s patients enjoy the ongoing and progressive rejuvenation of the facial tissue. For patients with mid-face aging, the thread lift is a welcome solution. While the threads are in place, the body’s healing response will be constantly activated to create new collagen. The InstaLift thread lift treatment is the gift of youthful skin that keeps giving. The threads placed under the skin are so small the patient will not feel the healing and collagen production being triggered continuously. The gift of an instant lift as well as a continued collagen production for two years, has this procedure becoming a hot topic for both mild signs and advanced aging concerns.


“A surgeon with an artists touch”

I am a nervous nellie when it comes to any type of procedure. I get nervous about the process and the result…well at least that is how I was. Dr. O and his staff always make me feel comfortable and they let me know exactly what to expect and what not to expect. Now I walk in and out with confidence. If you want a surgeon with an artists touch please schedule. You will regret waiting! I have had major stuff to lip aug and every time I am super happy…and everyone asks why I don’t age.
Angie Barnes

Who is a good candidate for the InstaLift Thread Lift?

It’s important for patients to maintain realistic expectations for this procedure. While thread lifts produce visible changes, they will lift the face by a few millimeters creating a subtle and natural-looking result. Thread lifts are therefore best suited for patients who are dealing with mild to moderate, rather than severe, signs of skin laxity.

The ideal thread lift candidate is in his or her late thirties to early fifties. Dr. O recommends facelift surgery for most patients over the age of 55. Thread lifts can provide a facelift alternative for older patients who are unable to have surgery for medical reasons. Many people who have age-related conditions that make them ineligible for surgery (like high blood pressure, type two diabetes, and cardiovascular disease) can safely have this treatment. The thread lift can also be paired with the Timeless Lift to effectively treat the mid-face while the Timeless Lift simultaneously tightens and lifts the neck and lower jaw area.

Why is the InstaLift Thread Lift a superior thread lift treatment?

The InstaLift uses biocompatible temporary sutures to lift the face. The InstaLift is more focused on lifting the skin than stimulating collagen production (though it will accomplish both objectives). The threads used are designed with tiny “cones” that are adept at grabbing tissue and gathering more skin to produce a more noticeable lift to the cheeks and jowls. The InstaLift threads are designed to create long-lasting results for up to two years.

What can I expect from the InstaLift Thread Lift treatment?

woman-threadliftsThe InstaLift thread lift takes about 45 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia in our convenient office setting. Dr. O minimizes patient discomfort by using a thin needle to insert the threads into the skin. Some patients experience mild soreness and swelling for a few days after having the procedure. A return to normal activities is expected within 1 day, however, physical activities will be limited based on Dr. O’s recommendations.

How does the InstaLift Thread Lift compare to a facelift?

The biggest advantage of having a thread lift rather than a facelift is the greatly reduced recovery time associated with thread lifts. Full facelifts usually require two weeks of recovery to heal. The Timeless Lift would be a shorter downtime, approximately one week.

Thread lift recovery is comparatively easy. Thread lifts are performed under local anesthesia with no oral sedation. Some patients will experience a little soreness, redness, and swelling after having a thread lift. Most patients find they can return to work or daily living immediately. Strong pain medication is not needed after having a thread lift, making it easier for patients to return to their normal routine. This procedure is therefore ideal for people who have children at home or those who have busy, demanding careers.

Recovering From The Thread Lift Procedure

The thread lift recovery is minimal, but patients should:

  • Avoid rubbing the face vigorously while cleansing or applying moisturizer for at least a week after having threads placed.
  • Prop your head up slightly so that you don’t roll over directly onto your face while sleeping.
  • Avoid excessive facial movements for the first two weeks.
  • Avoid physical activities for 1-2 weeks per Dr. O’s recommendations.

Noninvasive thread lift has the following benefits:

  • no scarring, severe bruising, bleeding, or other complications
  • affordability due to ease of thread lifts procedure compared to facelift surgery

The thread lifting technique results are not permanent. Facelift surgery will produce longer-lasting results than a thread lift. The results of facelift surgery can last up to a decade, whereas a thread lift will last up to two years. However, the low-risk, low downtime associated with the thread lift enables patients to have a fresh set of temporary sutures placed once their old sutures are absorbed by the body.

How Much Does A Thread Lift Cost in Charleston, SC?

As with all cosmetic procedures, the cost of a thread lift depends on the needs of each individual patient. Dr. Sonny O will perform an assessment of your facial skin to determine the extent of correction required to achieve the desired look. He will then develop a personalized treatment plan to address your needs and discuss the associated cost during a consultation.

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