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Archive for April, 2016

Health Benefits Associated with Breast Reduction

If you are among the many women who are considering breast reduction surgery, you should be aware of the many health benefits that have been associated with this type of surgery. While a small percentage of women truly enjoy having overly large breasts, the vast majority of women with excessively large or uneven breasts would […]

Health Benefits of Having a Tummy Tuck

The number of men and women undergoing a tummy tuck in Charleston, SC has been on the rise for many years. In most cases, this procedure is undertaken to remove excess skin and tissue leftover from significant weight loss and to many is seen as simply cosmetic. However, recent studies now show that there may […]

Smooth Lines and Remove Sagging Skin with a Neck Lift

Time can be hard on the skin and the soft tissues beneath it. As our skin loses elasticity, gravity has its way and the folds, lines, and sagging skin on the neck and chin is unsightly and make us feel even older than we really are. A popular way to deal with the inevitable march […]

Tightening Loose Skin – How Plastic Surgery Can Help

Whether caused by dramatic weight loss, several pregnancies, or just the march of time, sagging skin can be unsightly and seriously affect self-esteem. Tightening loose skin with the help of plastic surgery can give you back a healthier looking body and greatly improve your body image. There are a number of different surgical procedures for […]

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