Whether caused by dramatic weight loss, several pregnancies, or just the march of time, sagging skin can be unsightly and seriously affect self-esteem. Tightening loose skin with the help of plastic surgery can give you back a healthier looking body and greatly improve your body image. There are a number of different surgical procedures for tightening loose skin on the different areas of your body.

Surgery for Tightening Loose Skin on the Abdomen

Abdominoplasty or tummy tuck is one of the most common plastic surgeries done to remove excessive skin. Having several babies, C-sections, and excess weight gain are the most common reasons why women may have sagging and stretch marks in the abdominal area. Tightening loose skin in this area not only helps to improve body image, but excess skin in this area can also cause health problems such as back pain and skin irritation. This type of surgery is often used with liposuction to achieve the best results.


Just like any other area of the body, major weight loss and time can cause loose sagging skin. Facial plastic surgery can do what cosmetics and expensive treatments cannot. Facelifts, necklifts, minilifts, and eyelifts can turn back the clock and make you look and feel years younger without having to continually go back for more treatments or buy expensive age reducing products to achieve what is at best temporary results. Surgery will tighten loose skin and give you that youthful look you desire.

Tightening Loose Skin on the Extremities

Another area where loose skin can be problematic is on the arms, thighs, and buttocks. Some of these areas can be visible and as such may be a cause for embarrassment. Rather than covering them up, surgery can remove this loose skin so you will never be afraid to wear short sleeves or shorts again. Surgery will reduce sagging skin and tighten and smooth the underlying tissues that help to define the shape of your arms, buttocks and thighs.