The number of men and women undergoing a tummy tuck in Charleston, SC has been on the rise for many years. In most cases, this procedure is undertaken to remove excess skin and tissue leftover from significant weight loss and to many is seen as simply cosmetic. However, recent studies now show that there may be a number of health benefits to this type of surgery that makes it more appealing than ever before.

Help in Keeping the Weight Off

If you have undergone bariatric surgery or completed a weight reduction plan that has led to extensive weight loss, chances are good that you may be left with what is often referred to as “hanging skin.” This loose skin is not only less than aesthetically pleasing; it can leave a person feeling as though all their efforts were for nothing.

By undergoing a tummy tuck in Charleston, SC, all of the excess skin and tissue can be removed, leaving you with a sculpted body you can be proud of. Now that you have your “ideal” body, you are more likely to continue with a healthy diet and are far less likely to regain the weight you have worked so hard to loose. Not only will a healthy diet ensure you never gain back the weight, it will also go a long way to improving your overall physical health.

Improved Mental Health

Most patients who choose to undergo a tummy tuck say that once the healing process has been completed, they feel a sense of elation. This “happy” feeling leads them to exercise on a regular basis to not only maintain their weight but improve their stamina and overall health. A new smaller body shape also gives you a chance to go out and shop for a new wardrobe and after all who doesn’t like the idea of being able to buy new clothes that fit perfectly?

Bear in mind that the typical tummy tuck in Charleston, SC removes anywhere from two to ten or more pounds of excess belly fat along with the skin and tissue. At the same time, this procedure can help tighten your stomach muscles, improving your core strength and giving you the figure you have longed for.