For the “JLO” Glow

Kylene is always looking for the “JLO Glow!” She states, “I don’t like to use make up so I like to use the right products that will give my skin a natural glow.” Her favorite is the newest product Dr. Sonny O carries, the SkinCeuticals Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight. This is a night cream made with 10% glycolic acid to improve the appearance of skin tone and texture.

Timeless Eyes:

Angie’s focus is on the eyes!

She loves SkinCeuticals AGE Eye Complex and Eye Balm. She states, “I wake up puffy. The eye balm helps with reducing the puffiness.” As far as AGE Eye Complex, she states, “I notice the moisture and the disappearance of fine lines or crows feet. Another staff winner for the eyes is Latisse, a prescription serum that is FDA-approved to increase the length, fullness, and darkness of your lashes. Check out Sandy’s lashes when you come in for a consultation. All the staff at Dr. O’s Office love what it does to lengthen and draw attention to the eyes.

Discoloration Defense

Perfect for uneven skin tones, Neicy chooses Discoloration Defense as her top pick. SkinCeuticals Discoloration Defense is clinically proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots and discoloration on the face. Powered by kojic acid, tranexamic acid and vitamin B3, this advanced formula is a hydroquinone-free skin brightening serum.

Post Procedure
and Brightening System

Some times it makes more sense to buy a skincare kit that includes all of the products needed to help you look and feel your best. Sandy likes her IPL patients to use the Brightening Kit from SkinCeuticals. Sharon often recommends the Post Procedure kit for patients she is scheduling for Timeless Lift, Face Lift, Neck Lift and both ablative and non-ablative lasers. It is also great for dehydrated skin too!

Good News! All the above mentioned Staff Picks Products are 10% Off in March and April!

Injectible: Dysport

Dysport wins as a team top pick! Says Chelsie, “It stops the movement of muscles. It kicks in faster and lasts longer. The price point is phenomenal.” Dysport can be purchased for $4 a unit. Dr. Sonny O has been utilizing injectables, like Dysport, to help revitalize the faces of women and men for more than a decade.


Procedure: Timeless Lift

Dr. O chooses the Timeless Lift as his top pick. He states, “This is an in-office procedure that can help you remove years of aging off your face and neck.” Even a recent patient joined in with her winning procedure. She states, “I would definitely recommend Dr. O and Timeless Lift for anyone that wants to look and feel better.”