One of the more common questions people ask when they are looking for the right plastic surgeon for facial plastic surgery concerns using a general plastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon. You will find that both a general plastic surgeon and a facial plastic surgeon offer significant expertise in providing both reconstructive and cosmetic surgery procedures.

Extensive Training

In order to become a plastic surgeon, the doctor must have undergone extensive additional training and residencies in the field of cosmetic surgery, including facial anatomy. The big difference is that while a doctor specializing in facial surgery concentrates all of his training in this area of the body, a general plastic surgeon receives training in all other areas of the body, including body, breast, hand, genital, and others.

Facial plastic surgery in considered by the American Medical Association as its own sub-specialty. At the same time, here is America we have become a nation who considers those who specialize in inpidual fields to be better than those who don’t. However, when you are searching for the right plastic surgeon for your facial plastic surgeon, as much as you might think a specialist is your best choice, your eyes are a far better judge.

Let Your Eyes Do Their Job

Your eyes are the best tool you have when it comes to finding the right plastic surgeon. This is the perfect time to let each of the plastic surgeons impress you with the quality of their work. Any plastic surgeon worth his or her salt should have a portfolio of their work. Take the time to carefully browse through the photos so that you can see former clients both before and after their surgery. This is a good way to see the quality of their work.

Listen to how the plastic surgeon talks about himself and his work, does he or she have a positive attitude? Does he or she seem to put a lot of emphasis in describing his work without seeming to brag? There is nothing wrong with speaking well of your work as long as you are not boasting, a good plastic surgeon should appear to be confident and pleased with his or her work, not constantly sounding as if they think they are better than everyone else.

Is Dr. Sonny O the Right Plastic Surgeon for Your Facial Plastic Surgery

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