As the highest volume SculpSure practice in South Carolina, we now have a healthy sample population of patients from which to draw conclusions. The results are in, and they are impressive. SculpSure is a breakthrough in light-based body contouring designed to help you handle fat in problem areas such as the abdomen, love handles, thighs, and arms helping you achieve a slimmer and natural looking appearance without surgery or downtime. Learn more here.

Proven Results:
>Up to 24% reduction in fat
>Over 90% patient satisfaction rate
>Comfortable and well tolerated

*Individual results may vary

SculpSure is the 2017 winner of the new beauty awards

Term the “Fat Blaster”, editors chose SculpSure as one of eight game changing products that will give you serious results.

SculpSure Better than Coolsculpting“The newest introduction into the noninvasive fat-reducing arena, this 25-minute fat blaster is different in the fact that it uses a laser rather than cold or ultrasound technology to eliminate unwanted fat. As the laser is directed to the area of concern, the energy is delivered through the skin and absorbed by the fat to break it up once and for all.”
– NewBeauty, March 2017

Tummy Fat to SculpSure Flat

Having a baby changed my stomach forever. Having another one made having a flat tummy again seem impossible. Ten years later I’m (mostly) back to my ideal pre-baby weight. But the tummy fat wouldn’t budge. I wanted something noninvasive that didn’t have me missing work and parenting responsibilities. At my consultation with Dr. Sonny O it was obvious his practice had spent the past year putting SculpSure to the test. He shared the expected results and why SculpSure was different from other devices on the market.

  • How does SculpSure work and is sculpsure safe?

    SculpSure uses laser technology to eliminate the fat under the skin permanently. It is FDA approved for fat elimination. The laser energy is transmitted through the skin and absorbed by the targeted fat layer. This creates heat, which in turn destroys the fat cells. Effectively melting the fat without damaging skin. SculpSure targets the fat without damaging anything in its path.
  • Does SculpSure hurt and do I have to miss work after a treatment?

    SculpSure is well tolerated and has no downtime following the treatment. You will be able to walk out and do any activities of your choosing the same day of your treatment. You will feel a warming sensation over the period of 25 minutes. The technology includes a cooling system to maintain safe and comfortable skin surface temperatures. Different people feel different levels of discomfort – some feel no discomfort and some feel a cramping sensation.”

I found myself in the SculpSure chair with Sandy ready for whatever the latest noninvasive technique to eliminate fat had in store for me. I’d decided to treat my middle to lower stomach.

Fast forward to 12 weeks after the treatment. I felt a difference in how my clothes fit. My pants don’t require the ‘pull, hop and squeeze’ move to button. Even so, it was the follow up before and after pictures that showed results I could see. He recommended a second session to see even more noticeable results. Each additional session comes with added savings. Happy flat tummy to me this year!