Enjoy free area of dysport when 2 or more fillers are purchased by 3/1/2019

Smooth wrinkles and refresh your features without having to go under the knife. Achieve natural results now with Dr. Sonny O’s well-honed liquid lift skills. “I like that he took the expertise of a plastic surgeon and applied it to how he could refresh my features, turning back the clock without giving me that ‘real housewives’ fake look. I’m not opposed to doing the surgical lift on my big decade birthday,” shares a Timeless Now patient. “For now, Dr. O’s Liquid Lift targeted my jawline, cheeks and darkening eye troughs for an instant refresh.”

The American Society of Plastic Surgeons reports that the number of minimally-invasive cosmetic treatments increased 200 percent since 2000, with Botox/Dysport and fillers at the top of the list. “A lot of our patients find caring about their appearance part of remaining vital, confident and having the exterior reflect how they feel inside,” says practice manager, Kylene Surowiec. “They look to us to keep pace with rapidly advancing treatments associated with less down time. It is not so much about whether they will treat the signs of facial aging, but rather what method of treatment they will decide to use.” Enter, the Liquid Lift and the Timeless Glow signature offerings.

Liquid Lifts

Wrinkle-smoothing injectables are non-invasive cosmetic treatments with low-downtime that freshens and smooths wrinkles. They temporarily freeze the facial muscles and treat the lines formed from repetitive facial movements like squinting and smiling. Dr. O prefers Dysport for the Liquid Lift, “Dysport smooths more evenly to provide a naturally soft look that is less expensive, and patients don’t stop seeing its benefits after prolonged use.”

Dysport is a protein extracted from Clostridium Botulinum, a bacterium. It has a low protein concentration and therefore offers a better spreading effect as compared to Botox. Even spreading provides a more natural and softer look to the forehead. It is injected into the facial muscles that, when constricted, cause the glabellar lines (known as the frown lines) between the eyebrows, the smile lines or crows feet for the eyes, as well as the forehead lines disappear. Over time Botox injections are no longer effective as they cause an immune response in patients. Because Dysport uses lesser amount of proteins than Botox, patients elicit a milder immune response and the injectable continues to work over time.

Two syringes of Restylane soft-tissue hyaluronic fillers are customized in their use depending on the patient’s unique facial aging symptoms. Facial contouring is what sets Dr. O’s liquid lift apart. Targeting the cheeks, jawline, chin, and marionette folds, the Liquid Lift is a non-surgical procedure in which dermal fillers are injected into the face to enhance different angles and temporarily lift facial features.

“When I determine each patient’s best tactic for shedding years from their face, the contour of the jaw line and cheeks are so important. Subtly defining lights and shadows that develop from sinking, sagging and other typical aging signs and symptoms can greatly improve overall facial appearance,”

says Dr. Sonny O of Timeless You Dr. Sonny o Plastic Surgery.

Dr. O naturally-contours lips versus creating a large puffy lip. Natural-looking results around the mouth area are achieved using Juvéderm Volbella XC to softly plump and contour lips (not volumize) and smooth marionette lines. Say good-bye to the “duck lip” days.

Timeless Glow

A signature hybrid of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) to even skin tone and enhance collagen with injectables to smooth lines is the foundation of Dr. O’s Timeless Glow. While the Liquid Lift is an overall refreshment of the face by defining facial contouring and line smoothing, the Timeless Glow concentrates on the quality of your skin. It focuses on bringing back youthful glow, decreasing pore size, boosting collagen development and simultaneously smoothing fine lines and wrinkles. Patients vary of the number of units needed for smoothing and IPLs recommended.