In recent years a new form of minimally invasive therapy called SculpSure™ has been finding its way into the offices of many plastic surgeons including Dr. Sonny O. Unlike many other forms of fat reduction such as liposuction, SculpSure™ is completely non-invasive yet provides permanent results. This form of fat reduction is fully dependent on powerful lasers contained within the machinery.

Fat Cells Are Damaged by the Lasers

The targeted fat cells under the skin are actually damaged by the lasers, without causing any damage to the surface of the skin. In most cases the patient will have little or no redness or swelling in the area by the time they leave the office. Bear in mind there are possible side effects which may include but not be limited to bruising, nerve pain, and swelling (similar to those experienced in CoolSculpting™ and liposuction).

An Area of Controlled Injury

SculpSure™ lasers cause a controlled area of injury within the fat cells. These injured or damaged fat cells are then removed from your body by its natural cellular repair system. However, this is not an action created by your body’s immune system, rather it is simply the activation of certain cells in your body that are designed to remove any damaged tissue.

After your treatment, you may experience a small amount of tenderness and firmness in the treated area. These side effects should last no longer than a week in most patients. However, there is no reason you should not be able to resume your normal daily activities immediately following your treatment.

The good news is that a single SculpSure™ treatment can result in a reduction of approximately 24-25 percent in the amount of fat in the treated area after only one treatment. The prognosis is for a long-term reduction in your levels of fat as the process permanently removes the damaged fat cells. Bear in mind that SculpSure™ is intended as a spot treatment for stubborn fat cells and is not intended for use in those who are significantly overweight or looking for whole body fat loss solution. In fact, SculpSure™ is recommended for those who are interested in losing 20 pounds or less.