Many believe plastic surgery is solely about appearance. What some may not realize is that some procedures spark much more than just a physical change. Dr. O explains, “People come to us with an area that has concerned them, usually for years. While we see an improvement in one’s appearance after a procedure, we also see an improvement in their self confidence and their self esteem,” says Dr. Sonny O of Dr. Sonny O Plastic Surgery.

A recent article from Australia examines the correlation between plastic surgery and self confidence. It states, “It’s no secret that plastic surgery has the ability to make a profound impact on the lives of patients… plastic surgery is undoubtedly one of the most impactful and commonplace disciplines within the modern medical field.” These impacts on a patient often occur inside and out. The article continues, “Whereas in the past appearance-altering procedures might have been seen as a narcissistic luxury, they are now widely accepted as perfectly normal and are encouraged as a means of living a better, more fulfilled life.”

Helping patients feel beautiful both inside and out for 14 years, Dr. Sonny O practices facial and body cosmetic surgery in the Charleston area. After thousands of unique procedures involving the latest techniques in facial and neck rejuvenation, Dr. Sonny O is a nationally trusted plastic surgeon in facial artistry. He states, “People come to us with an area that has concerned them, usually for years. Once they address that concern with plastic surgery, patients seem happier and lighter. They hold their heads a little higher because they feel better about their appearance and therefore are more confident. This is the most rewarding part of the job!”

Dr. Sonny O is committed to uncovering each patient’s natural beauty. Located in Mt. Pleasant South Carolina, Dr. Sonny O Plastic Surgery provides face, body and breast rejuvenation with a full range of surgical and non-surgical solutions. Personalized consultations and customized plans are designed for each patient with Dr. Sonny O.

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