When 58 year old Ann Sports looked in the mirror, she saw what she calls a “tired” face looking back. She describes, “I woke up in the morning and I saw baggy eyes and a turkey neck.” After recently losing weight, she decided to address her concerns. She says, “I feel healthier than I ever have before, I want my face to look as good as I feel.”

Some of the first signs of aging appear in the face and eyes. Ann’s two sister-in-laws had experienced the same aging effects and both had turned to Dr. Sonny O for help. She explains, “They were both pleased with the procedures. The staff has always been very helpful, and Dr. O is really great. I shared my concerns with Dr. O and he recommended the Timeless Lift and Timeless Eye procedure.”

The Timeless Face Lift provides an enhancement and tightening of the skin for a more youthful appearance with less anesthesia and recovery time required. With local anesthesia only, Dr. O uses an artistic eye to lift critical areas affected by aging such as the neck, eyes and brow.

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“I feel healthier than I ever have before, I want my face to look as good as I feel.”

As for her baggy eyes, Dr. O suggested the Timeless Eye Procedure. He explains, “As we age, the muscles and tissues that support your eyes weaken, skin loses its elasticity, and in general you just look tired. The goal of this type of procedure is to help restore a more youthful and rested appearance.”

Ann has advice for anyone wanting to look and feel years younger, “I would tell anyone that wanted to get these procedures done to come see Dr. Sonny O. Just like my sisters and myself, you will be pleased with your results.” Dr. Sonny O has practiced facial and body cosmetic surgery for more than 18 years. After performing thousands of unique procedures involving the latest techniques in facial and neck rejuvenation, Dr. Sonny O is a nationally trusted plastic surgeon in facial artistry. He is committed to uncovering each patient’s natural beauty. For more information: Schedule Your Consult Today