One of the first signs of aging on the face is the lines under the eyelids and around the mouth. This is the natural results of gravity, the aging process, and other influences, but it can make your face look older than you want and leave you not feeling your very best. A cheek lift, which is a specific type of face lift, is designed to reverse the effects of gravity and time, and bring your cheeks back to where they were when you were younger. A cheek lift can smooth out lines all over your face and bring more volume back to your cheeks restoring your self-image and helping to give you the youthful appearance you are after.

Cheek Lifts Provide Many Benefits

The cheek lift offers one of the most noticeable changes to your appearance of any of the facial cosmetic procedures. This is because, not only does this procedure lift your cheeks back to their original place, but it helps to smooth out skin that has had pressure on it from the sagging fatty tissues on your cheeks. This includes the area right under your eyes where bags and lines appear as you age. In addition, the cheek lift can also smooth out the lines radiating out from your nose and the lines and folds around your mouth that make your face look like you are constantly frowning. Dr. Sonny O may elect to perform other procedures at the same time to enhance the reduction of bags beneath the eyes giving you that youthful appearance you have been missing.

What’s Involved in a Cheek Lift

Cheek lifts are typically an outpatient procedure and are done under general anesthesia. Dr. Sonny O will make incisions above the hairline around the temple area. He will then lift the soft tissues from the bone structure and place it back where it should be, securing it with sutures. Other treatments may be used to further reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles that might still be present.

Once your cheek lift is complete, it is time for recovery. Swelling and bruising are a normal part of the healing process and may take up to 2 weeks to get better. At this time any residual discoloration can be hidden with makeup. Dr. Sonny O will ask you to refrain from strenuous activity during those two weeks as well as avoid exposure to the sun. Following the guidelines he gives you will ensure a speedy recovery and that your procedure will be as successful as possible.