Depending on who you ask, there are many reasons why people choose to undergo one or more forms of plastic surgery. When you come in to see Dr. Sonny O, one of the first questions is likely to ask, is why you are considering plastic surgery and what you hope to achieve. However, other than trying to look like their favorite celebrity (which is not a very good reason to undergo this type of surgery), here are several of the most common reasons given for undergoing cosmetic or reconstructive surgery.

Significant Weight Loss

One of the most significant side effects of massive weight loss is loose hanging skin that simply won’t shrink as the weight comes off. Dr. O offers a number of plastic surgery procedures to remove the excess skin and restore his patient’s body shape.

Birthmarks and Birth Defects

From cleft lips, skeletal deformities, and ear deformities to severe skin discoloration, birth defects, and birthmarks can have a significant emotional impact. There are a number of different types of reconstructive surgery that can be used to correct these problems.


There are many types of accidents that can leave a person with scars, burns, and other unsightly deformities. Cosmetic surgery can be used to correct or reduce the appearance of these types of damage.

Breast Cancer

Women who have lost their breasts due to mastectomies resulting from breast cancer often opt to have reconstructive surgery to restore their breasts. While from a medical standpoint this is not necessary, for many patients it is from an emotional standpoint.


Vanity and the desire for the perfect face/body are probably among the most common reasons given for many forms of plastic surgery. From tummy tucks to breast implants/reduction there are many different procedures Dr. O can use to enhance your appearance. While there are those who criticize others for this type of cosmetic surgery, the reality is that as long as you are happy with your decision and the results, nothing else really matters.

The most important thing to remember as you consider any form of plastic surgery is that you must have reasonable expectations and the right intentions. This is why Dr. O offers a free initial consultation during which he will go over your options and what you can expect from each procedure. His goal is to help you make the right decision and ensure you will never be disappointed.

A Consultation Can Help You Decide if Plastic Surgery Right for You

Dr. Sonny O. offers consultations that can help you decide if plastic surgery is right for you. The Dr. and his staff will do an extensive medical history and lifestyle inventory, as well as discuss your motives and expectations with you. Call us today at 843-388- 4939 to make an appointment for a consultation today.