For many women who wish to improve the appearance of their breasts, mainly the “perkiness”, they may consider a breast lift or breast augmentation. But which procedure is right for which woman? Both accomplish similar goals by providing women with breasts that have improved shape and “perkiness.” However, patients sometimes confuse these two procedures as they are actually targeted towards two very different breast types and have two different end goals.

Who is a breast augmentation best for?

A breast augmentation is used to increase cup size by placing implants into the breast to get a larger size. If a woman simply desires larger breasts or larger breasts with a fuller, rounder appearance, then a breast augmentation is the correct choice. However, if there is already significant drooping to the breasts, a breast augmentation will not alleviate this issue. Instead, an augmentation of drooping breasts will only create larger breasts that still have the same drooping issue. A breast augmentation can be done in conjunction with a breast lift to get the best of both worlds.

Who is a breast lift best for?

A breast lift is designed to raise and firm the breasts by giving them a whole new contour. A breast lift will only lift the breasts, however, and will not make them any larger. Often times, a breast lift procedure is used for women who have very large, dropping breasts and would like a smaller, more youthful look without any drooping.

Which is the best choice for you?

The choice between a breast lift and a breast augmentation is a very personal choice but it is a decision that will be largely guided by Dr. Sonny O. With a vast amount of experience, he has the ability to identify which types of breasts will be best suited for which procedure. If the goal is to increase size and shape, a breast augmentation is the best choice. If the goal is simply to improve shape while not increasing size or to address drooping, then a breast lift is most likely the right choice. Either procedure, with Dr. Sonny O, can produce the results you’re looking for and provide you with youthful, shapely breasts that you are happy with.