Using a person’s own natural fat is becoming one of the most popular forms of facial rejuvenation currently being used. The process involves the use of the person’s own body fat to improve the looks of a number of areas of the face. Among these are the creases that appear on the forehead and area between the eyebrows and the hollows under the person’s eyes.

Natural fat injections can also be used to “plump up” certain areas of the face, including the nose and areas around it to alter the contours, the upper lip, jawline, and the temples. Many of these areas may only require a single treatment in order to achieve noticeable and long-term results. There are, however, other areas that might require Dr. Sonny O to perform more than one treatment in order to achieve the desired results.

Natural Fat Transfer or Dermal Fillers

One of the most important reasons why natural fat transfer is preferable to the use of other dermal fillers is that the use of the person’s own fat does not introduce any type of foreign substance into the person’s body. This can be particularly important to those who suffer from any form of allergy or sensitivity to dermal fillers such as Hylaform® or collagen.

Another consideration when choosing natural fat transfer for facial rejuvenation is the length of time the patient can expect the improvements to last. In most cases, the effects produced using natural fat can be expected to last for anywhere from a few months to two full years. On the other hand, most dermal fillers will begin to break down rather quickly and may disappear within a few months. This can lead to the need for multiple treatments in order to maintain the desired results.

A Simple Process

Natural fat transfer is a relatively simple process that is completed in three steps. First Dr. Sonny O will remove fat from a donor location in the person’s body. The fat will then be placed in a centrifuge where it is spun at high speeds to separate the fat cells from the carrier liquid. Whole, undamaged fat cells are collected so that they can then be reinjected back into the chosen sites on the person’s face to remove wrinkles and improve contour and shaping.

Learn More about Natural Fat Transfer for Facial Rejuvenation

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