An eye lift or blepharoplasty will reduce bagginess under the lower eyelids and any sagging skin in the upper eyelid. Age, gravity, and environmentally causes can all contribute to the loss of elasticity that is responsible for sagging skin on the upper and lower eyelids. While frequently this surgery is done for cosmetic reasons it can also be done to improve function. When the top eyelid starts to sag it not only disturbs the contour of the eye it can also impair vision.

The Eye Lift Process

Our eye lift procedures are directed specifically at reducing the hooded or droopy look to your eyes that makes you look as if you are tired all the time. The procedure is done with a local anesthetic and takes no more than 2 hours. For the upper eyelids Dr. Sonny O will make an incision that follows the natural contour of your eye and reduce the excess fat, skin, and muscle. For the lower eyelid, incisions are made either inside the eyelid or along the lash margin to ensure that the incision will not be visible. Same as with the upper eyelid, excess skin, muscle, and fat are reduced.

Recovering from Eye Lift Surgery

While you will be go home the same day, you will have stitches in both lids that will remain in place for about a week. Swelling and bruising is normal and usually fades after a week or two. Eye lifts may be done with one or more other procedures to ensure that lines, puffiness, and sagging skin completely disappear. Recovery time for an eye lift is fairly short when compared to other cosmetic surgeries, by 7 to 10 days you will be able to return to regular activity and 2 weeks after surgery the majority of the swelling and bruising should have faded.