Dr. Sonny O is offering many options for patients that would like to take a vacation from aging this summer. From wrinkles to sun spots to a dreaded muffin top, many procedures are available that will help patients feel refreshed with little downe required.

With Timeless You Lift, patients can have a new refreshed look this summer in the time it takes to go on vacation. Dr. Sonny O is known as the leading facial surgeon in the Charleston area. The Timeless Lift is an all-inclusive solution that can help rejuvenate features and turn back time to restore a youthful appearance. Performed under local anesthesia, the Timeless Lift can erase lines and wrinkles, redefine the neck and jaw line, and reduce loose skin. The Timeless Lift offers patients a refreshed look at a refreshing price.

SculpSure is another option for patients that want to take a vacation from aging. It will help address the extra layer around the flank area that gets harder to eliminate as one gets older. SculpSure™ utilizes light-based technology to target and destroy the body’s fat cells around your target area. During the treatment patients experience intervals of deep warming sensations as well as cooling sensations on the surface of the skin. Throughout the duration of the 25 minute treatment, the cooling sensation is applied to the surface of the skin to keep the patient comfortable as it is a completely pain free, non-invasive procedure with no downtime.

One sure sign of aging is sun spots or age spots on the face and neck. Dr. O offers skin revitalization and laser IPL to help remove those brown spots. During treatment, a device that emits a range of light waves is used to target the hemoglobin or melanin in the skin. A light beam passes through the skin to target the treatment area. The result is either less visible blood vessels or more even pigmentation of the skin, depending on what goals have been discussed. Recovery time is minimal. In July, Laser IPL is being offered at a $100 discount.

It is easy to take a vacation from aging thanks to Dr. Sonny O.

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