Plastic surgery trends in 2017 all have one thing in common:
Less down time.

New and improved treatments in the plastic surgery and aesthetics business roll out rapidly. Consumers drive this fast-paced growth with their desire to combat aging with less down time, less discomfort and better results. The possibilities are endless.

At Dr. Sonny O Plastic Surgery, we keep pace with nonsurgical and surgical treatments. As a trusted name in plastic surgery for decades, every treatment Dr. Sonny O recommends is tailored to the individual needs of the patient. What solutions will best address a problem area? How responsive will the skin be to the treatment? Should we start with a noninvasive option? Together the patient and Dr. Sonny O determine the best treatment plan.

Here are some new treatments in plastic surgery trending now with less downtime and proven results. We threw in a few to watch out for in the future as well.

1. Plastic Surgery Booms!

As the baby boomers “boom” so does plastic surgery. Among the fasted growing markets, the general acceptance of aesthetic procedures is on the rise. Europe takes the lead, but North America and Asia are not far behind in their rising interest in combatting the signs of aging.

Think mini. Mini facelifts target the neck and jaw line. Dr. Sonny O’s signature mini facelift is the Timeless Lift. Less downtime, local anesthesia and natural results make this an ideal option for many.

2. Laser for skin rejuvenation

Lasers continue to advance in their ability to improve skin tone, tighten, remove pigmentation, reduce lines and the like. Even better, newer lasers are doing so with less discomfort, fewer treatments and less downtime.

Dr. Sonny O’s laser is Icon’s newest tool for noninvasive laser skin revitalization sometimes referred to as Photofacials. The laser removes pigment and hair, resurfaces skin and more.

3. Lasers for body sculpting

Yes, you read that right. Now there is a laser than can eliminate fat forever. SculpSure hit the market last year and has been melting fat with great results, less discomfort, and no downtime. It only takes 25 minutes. Book it on your lunch hour.

4.New Fillers designed for targeted areas of the face

Designer fillers continue to lead the market and more are expected to emerge. No longer is one filler made for all issues. For example, Juvederm Voluma combats sinking and sagging in the midface, while Juvederm Volbella and Restylane Lyft target lips. More targeted products rejuvenate and recontour the face without surgery.

Adding lidocaine and fine tuning injection techniques have made this a more appealing option for many. A trained physician can follow the contours of the face to achieve natural results with fillers and injectables.

5. Skin care that mimics or lengthens Botox results

A few skin care distributors have developed products that create the same refreshed look of injectables. Paired with Botox, these skin care products can help lengthen the results of an injectable treatment. Try the new Revox.

Watch out for longer lasting injectables. Botox Cosmetic, Dysport and Xeomin have become the norm for many women. Scheduling Botox routinely, budgeting for it and building points to help with cost isn’t new. However, a longer lasting injectable is. And it’s in the pipeline. We’ll keep you posted! The whispering is around a product called Revance.

For now, we recommend the Timeless Glow. It pairs laser skin treatment and Botox for stunning – no downtime – results.

6. The abdomen wins

The abdomen area remains the number 1 area men and women alike struggle to keep flat versus fat. Jelly rolls, love handles, spare tires or whatever name you use, no one likes stubborn middle weight gain. Patients continue to lean on plastic surgeons to provide a range of nonsurgical, surgical and minimally invasive options to combat the abdomen issue. Think SculpSure fat elimination, liposuction, and tummy tuck.

7. Kybella gains momentum

Allergan rolled out Kybella for double chins knowing the fat-melting injection would expand its scope of treatment areas. Where are there stubborn pockets of fat Kybella could melt? Insert above-the-knee-fat, bra-line back rolls and more. And, on a more medical side of the house, Lipomas. Lipomas are noncancerous lumps that form due to an overgrowth of fat cells. Removing them surgically is currently the only treatment available, so an option to inject the Lipoma with Kybella is a real relief for people who find new growths regularly.

The best way to find out if Dr. Sonny O is the right plastic surgeon for your plastic surgery needs is to contact us at (843) 388- 4939. We can schedule your free consultation where you and Dr. O can go over what you are looking for, your expectations, and discuss your options with regard to cosmetic surgery.