Oatmeal Honey Scrub

  • Two Part Oatmeal (Blended)
  • One Part Honey
  • One Part Sweet Almond Oil (can use coconut or olive oil)

Mix everything together until it’s a thick sticky mixture. If it is sticky or clumpy, simply add in a little extra olive oil or a few drops of water. Smooth onto face and rub into skin for a 3-5 minutes and then rinse off.

Now that summer is winding down, it is the perfect opportunity to give your skin a deep cleanse. These three ingredients are full of properties that will have your skin glowing in no time. Oatmeal is full of anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties as well as provides soothing and refreshing feeling to the skin. Honey is a natural antibacaterial and helps to clarify the skin. Almond oil is light and none greasy and helps clean the pores as well as moisturize the skin.