Be Ahead of Your Time this month with a healthy twist on sugar and butter to erase lip lines, and with supplements that feed your skin and treat acne from the inside out. Apply your 20% off at Dr. Sonny O Plastic Surgery for the month of August only on these featured products.

Today’s trend is become beautiful inside and out with supplements that start at the source. Attacking acne at the source with Jane Iredale’s natural supplements, Skin Accumax, is making headlines.

Jane Iredale Skin Accumax

“Skin Accumax has made a huge difference to my complexion. It has really boosted my self-esteem and I can’t thank you enough.”
Katie, Accumax patient, 6 months, 4 per day

Skin Accumax Supplements: Treating Acne from the Inside

Skin Accumax contains a combination of vitamins and plant nutrients which address the underlying factors of problem skin. This unique combination of ingredients works to improve skin texture, balance oil, and reduce redness. They can work together to help achieve a clearer complexion.

Some people see skin improvements as early as three weeks, while others see results after a period of a few months. Skin Accumax is recommended for a minimum of 14 weeks and has a money back guaranteed!

Jane Iredale Lip Gloss

Summer Timeless Luscious Lips
This summer is the perfect time to soothe, restore and shine! Start with Sugar&Butter to exfoliate and plump. Then glide on one of three new hi-shine shades of PureGloss® Lip Gloss to moisturize and protect. Long-lasting and lemony, they’re antioxidant-rich and vegan. Dry lips no more.

Jane Iredale Lipstick
Lip Plumper Jane Iredale

Finally. Sugar and Butter that’s Healthy. Sugar & Butter Lip Exfoliator/Plumper makes sugar and butter healthy again. Do not ingest, of course. Stubborn lips lines – be afraid. This lip exfoliator and lip plumper duo restores moisture to dry, chapped lips for a smooth and moist finish.

  • Packaged in a dual-ended tube and is easy to apply
  • Organic Brown Sugar exfoliates the lips
  • Shea Butter restores moisture to thirsty lips.