Turning 60. It’s a milestone. Life changes for many during this decade include retirement, grandchildren, and yes, aging. The fine lines and wrinkles are deeper, arms sag a little more, and aging is not as easy to hide. Dr. O treats a large patient base in this age group, and he highlights the best procedures and products for this sect of the Baby Boomers.

Face: Timeless Lift

As the 60th birthday rolls around, many begin to notice changes that affect their daily lives. For example, overhanging skin near the eye can not only add years to someone but also impair vision. According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, the number of people 65 and older getting facelifts and cosmetic eyelid surgeries has more than doubled over the last two decades, with much of that increase occurring over the last five years. Dr. O developed the Timeless Lift, a mini face lift that provides an enhancement and tightening of the skin for a more youthful appearance with less anesthesia and recovery time required.

States a recent patient, “I look and feel a good 10 years younger thanks to the Timeless Lift.”

Dr. Oexplains, “This is my vision on how to address the aging facial and neck region for both men and women. The lift procedure is customized to address the patient’s concerns.”

Filler: Timeless Glow

In recent years, those in their 60’s have turned to both surgery and minimally invasive procedures to help combat aging. Often patients will choose a combination of services to best fit their needs. A great example of this is the Timeless Glow. Timeless Glow offers a combination approach to combat the aging process by treating wrinkles, filling in or plumpinglines and increasing the volume. Some procedures utilized by those in their 60’s include: IPL photofacial, skin revitalization and CO2 laser resurfacing. These procedures can address sun damage, improve texture, reduce pore size, stimulate collagen production and more.

Product-Skinceuticals Retinol and Triple Lipid

The skin care goal for a patient in their 60’s is to cleanse, correct, protect, and smooth. Often Dr. O’s patients turn to 2 different Skinceuticals products to help: Retinol and Triple Lipid. Retinol is a form of Vitamin A that is proven to improve the appearance of aging skin and skin discoloration. Triple Lipid is also recommended. Triple Lipid is formulated from ceramides, cholesterol, and fatty acids to improve skin fullness, even out the skin, and provide moisture to dehydrated skin. Used in combination, these 2 products can be a secret weapon for a patient in their 60’s as they work together to fight the aging process and hydrate the skin.

Make UP – Jane Iredale
Liquid Minerals

Put your best face forward. As aging takes it toll, often certain make up products will accentuate fine lines and wrinkles as opposed to covering them up. It is essential for those in their 60’s to choose the right products for their skin. Dr. O recommends Jane Iredale products, specifically Liquid Minerals Foundation. Liquid Minerals Foundation is a light-reflective cosmetic that leaves a healthy glow that gives an appearance of a dewy, youthful look. It sits on top of the skin instead of settling in the fine lines. As a bonus, this product includes a serum mixed in–fight aging while looking beautiful!

Body service: BodyTite and Brachioplasty

Want to know the one body part patients in their 60’s complain about the most: it’s their arms. Living in the south, they are hard to hide in the spring and summer. Arms are a trouble spot that quickly loses elasticity with aging. Dr. O recommends 2 different procedures for the arms: BodyTite and Brachioplasty. BodyTite is a radiofrequency procedure that combined with liposuction provides skin tightening with results in as little as 6 weeks. Up to a year after this scarless armlift procedure, collagen continues to stimulate to smooth out the arm.For those that are looking for a quicker solution or who have excess skin, a brachioplasty is an option. With this surgical procedure, excess skin is removed leaving the best overall contour.

The Baby Boomer generation, specifically those in their 60’s, are embracing aging and looking their best as they grow older. Dr. Sonny O, M.D., F.A.C.S. is a highly experienced plastic surgeon for surgical and non-invasive rejuvenation who treats many in this age group. To learn more about services: www.drsonnyo.com