Loose and sagging skin can rob a woman of her self-confidence. Fight back using these 3 natural methods!

  1. Avoid the 3 S’s. Loose and sagging facial skin is a tough problem to solve. An easy step to improving the overall health and elasticity of your skin is to avoid the 3 S’s; (1) Sun Damage (2) Smoking, and (3) Inadequate Sleep. Wearing sunscreen, or cosmetics with an SPF of 30 or more, can delay, and in some cases, reverse facial wrinkles – while protecting you from skin cancer. Smoking, the leading cause of cancer-related death among U.S. women, thins the skin which can contribute to the development of saggy and wrinkled skin in women as young as 20-years-old! Lastly, recent studies show a correlation between skin elasticity and sleep. Getting adequate rest will give you the best chance of looking your best! Protect your skin from the 3 S’s to delay and help reverse sagging skin.
  2. Incorporate these Foods. A healthy diet can help promote healing of damaged skin, increase the thickness and elasticity of affected areas, and give you your best chance to look great! Fruits and Vegetables like berries, cherries, kale, spinach, and beets are rich in anti-oxidants and other nutrients that can protect against some effects of photoaging. There is a growing body of research indicating that foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as Salmon and other cold-water fish, may provide a similar benefit. Incorporating a nutrient rich superfood like those mentioned here into every meal is easy! Blueberries and strawberries go great with most breakfast dishes. Cherries are great desserts and make great snacks. Spinach salads area easy to prepare and a welcome addition to most meals. Pick your favorite seafood recipe and try it with Salmon or your favorite cold water fish. The key to getting the maximum benefit from these foods is to put together your weekly grocery list in advance and be creative!
  3. Don’t Over-Strain Your Face. Dehydration and excessive movement of the skin on the face are among the causes of facial wrinkles. Facial wrinkles come in two varieties. First are the deeper wrinkles around the mouth, eyes and forehead that occur from repeated, lifelong contraction of the muscles in those areas, e.g., smiling, squinting, and frowning. Second are the more superficial, crepe paper-like wrinkles that occur from breakdown in the integrity of the skin. The collagen and elastic elements of the skin can be damaged from dehydration due to lack of fluid intake, or from fluid loss from the skin following damage to the skin’s natural barrier due to over-zealous scrubbing of the face, excessive tanning, and smoking. Do your part to prevent loose facial skin by avoiding unnecessarily straining the skin on your face!

What to do if this isn’t enough?

These natural steps are a good starting point, but what if its not enough? Like so many things in life, there is no easy cure for loose or sagging skin on the neck or face. Women who are ready to look and feel their best should consider consulting with a Doctor they trust. Ranella Hirsch M.D., the spokesperson for the American Society of Dermatology and Aesthetic Surgery supports this point of view, “Tightening sagging skin requires more intervention than any other problem” – and there are many options available today that can provide great results. “Over the years, we have worked with thousands of women who were not seeing the results they wanted from creams and cosmetics – at some point, topical treatments cannot effectively address excess skin, there is no easy way around it!”, says Dr Sonny O, M.D. “In our Charleston office we have a number of minimally invasive technologies and approaches that put the individual in charge of the specific course of action to help them look and feel their best.”

Taking the Next Step

If you have exhausted the natural methods to fight loose skin, working with a trusted Physician is the next step for getting serious about addressing sagging skin on the face and neck. “It is important that you meet with a Doctor you trust,” adds Dr. Sonny O, “We have helped so many women meet their individual goals and improve their appearance, and it has all started with an informational consultation. I would highly recommend that anyone who is curious about what else they could be doing request more information.”